Simulation sub-genres

Zivile Simulation

Non-military simulation

Non-military simulations can for example center around the functionality of land or water vehicles or the life of humans or other creatures and their routines. Believable and conclusive worlds come alive. The player has to cautiously take actions to ensure the mastering and understanding for the surroundings or technology, may this be the complex controls of a train or the god-like role within the game world. 

Games of this genre are usually classified as safe regarding youth-protection relevant issues and therefore mostly approved without age restriction.

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Militärische Simulation

Military simulation

Technical functionality of highly complex military facilities, regardless of their historical origin, are the main focus of this sub-genre. Tanks, battleships or giant robots need to be controlled. The player needs to command the vehicle or unit and at the same time keep an eye on enemies and surroundings to use weather conditions and terrains to his or her advantage. The gameplay is based on military conflicts of differing centuries.

Games of this sub-genre are often approved for children aged 12 and up or young persons aged 16 and up. They are mostly preferred by players way beyond these ages and only mastered fully by distinct enthusiasts.

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Simulation sub-genres