Arcade sub-genres

Arcade – Racer

Arcade Racer

The Arcade Racer is all about cars, boats and lightning-fast machines that need to cross the finish line before its competitors. Sometimes this can get fairly rough: enemies’ vehicles can be shunted or even attacked by weapons. The range can span from bananas to rocket launchers. The setting isn`t based on realism but action and having fun while scoring points.

Due to the verve and action elements these games are often restricted for the youngest age group.

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Arcade – Beat´em Up

Arcade – Beat'em Up

The main focus lies on the combat of game characters using various move combinations that need to be mastered. Using different special techniques and sometimes even weapons, the fanciful characters compete with each other in battle. While some genre series and titles involve a more realistic approach, there`s a wide span of Beat’em Ups using magical attacks, arenas that break away spontaneously or endless aerial fights that break all common physical laws.

Beat’em Ups are restricted for the younger age groups on a regular basis. With increasing intensity and level of detail of the combat depicted, the age ratings issued rise accordingly.

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Arcade – Shoot´em Up

Arcade Shoot'em Up

In this genre the player gets thrown into the action right away as well: a small spaceship, fantastic object or military unit and countless opponents. To prevail the dominance, to preserve your own unit, to take out the enemies and to confront the villain, the final boss – these are the objectives in this genre. The story often remains negligible, Shoot’em Ups are all about the highscore as well.

Shoot’em Ups are often not approved for the youngest children. The pressure to act, a realistic setting or the graphical design in general are responsible for the age restriction.

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Arcade - Musik

Arcade Music

May it be guitars, microphones, dancing mats or a drum kit, players perform on plastic instruments in order to accomplish a solid performance. Music games are real party games that are mostly enjoyed in company. The arcade principle remains valid: easy to learn, hard to master.

These games are usually approved without age restriction. But only seldomly children are the main focus group.

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Arcade - Geschicklichkeit

Arcade Game of skill

It all started with Pong, the stylized  tennis game being one of the first commercial video games ever. A simple yet compelling concept. The levels dictated by this genre can only be solved by skill and concentration. Good hand-eye coordination, foresight and capacity of reaction will lead to victory.

These games are usually approved without age restriction. If the classification cannot be issued for the youngest players it is mostly due to the  time pressure players are imposed to in order to solve the tasks.

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Arcade sub-genres